The Lessons We Can Learn From Dad’s Army

Don’t panic! There is an outside chance the film of Dad’s Army will not be a disaster. Toby Jones is a clever choice to play Captain Mainwaring, Bill Nighy a plausible Sergeant Wilson and the co-creator Jimmy Perry has given his blessing. Well, sold the rights anyway. At the age of 90, who can blameContinue reading “The Lessons We Can Learn From Dad’s Army”

I Never Really Wanted To Be Archbishop Of Canterbury

Rowan Williams is a changed man. He was weary and weighed down towards the end of his time as Archbishop of Canterbury, wounded by the press and exhausted by the effort of trying to hold together a Church tearing itself apart. Today he is warm, welcoming and even seems to be walking taller at his surprisinglyContinue reading “I Never Really Wanted To Be Archbishop Of Canterbury”

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Deadly Dilemma

The Archbishop of Canterbury was lost for words as he stood beside a mass grave. The bodies of two dozen murdered men and women lay at his feet in bags. The stench of death was in his nostrils, in 40C heat. Those who loved the slain were in tears. “All you could really do wasContinue reading “The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Deadly Dilemma”

Is Red Wine Good For You Or Not? Ask An Italian …

The secret of a long and healthy life is somewhere in these hills. Maria Pio Fusi looks out over the olive groves and vines owned by her son in the Chianti region of Tuscany and smiles. “Our doctors tell us to drink a little wine every day, one or two glasses for our health,” she says,Continue reading “Is Red Wine Good For You Or Not? Ask An Italian …”