What Will The World Be Like In 100 Years?

A piece inspired by news that baby girls in one village can expect to live to be 100 years old.

Is This The End Of Childhood?

100_4744The death of 13-year-old Chevonea Kendall-Bryan has driven the debate on the sexualisation of the young to fever pitch, but what will we do about it?

There is a storm coming. I can feel it as I stand on a street corner in south London, thinking about my daughters. Lily and Rose are both 11 years old. One is crazy about dogs, the other loves owls. They are at that tender age when the hormones have begun to stir, and they could be stomping around the room like furious teenagers one minute but snuggling up for a cuddle the next. The girls are fast approaching 13, the age that Chevonea Kendall-Bryan was when she leaned out of one of the windows on the fourth floor of a block of flats on this street. A boy she knew was down here on the ground, but this was not Romeo and Juliet. Far from it. A report for The Sunday Telegraph

Marine A: What Punishment Does He Deserve?

The sergeant knelt down and pulled the trigger. There was a flat crack, the matter-of-fact report of a pistol being fired in an open field on a hot, heavy afternoon in Afghanistan. One more shot among the many heard there over the years – but this was at point-blank range, into the chest of a man who lay bleeding on his back, seriously wounded and unable to defend himself. A report for The Telegraph

The Lessons We Can Learn From Dad’s Army

Don’t panic! There is an outside chance the film of Dad’s Army will not be a disaster. Toby Jones is a clever choice to play Captain Mainwaring, Bill Nighy a plausible Sergeant Wilson and the co-creator Jimmy Perry has given his blessing. Well, sold the rights anyway. At the age of 90, who can blame him?They stopped making Dad’s Army in 1977 and it is a period piece. Jonesey’s rants against the Fuzzy-Wuzzies would make Nigel Farage blush, and these days Pike would quickly work out that Sergeant Wilson is his Dad. But there is so much more to the show than all that. Dad’s Army is timeless, that’s why it still makes people laugh and even still moves them. Pay attention, shoulder arms and you can learn a lot from this comedy about the way men are – or rather how we should be – in a crisis. A column for Telegraph Men