Cole Moreton has interviewed some of the most famous people in the world, from heads of state to Hollywood superstars, as well as many other men and women with extraordinary stories to tell. Here is an A-Z of his favourite interviews, from the Archbishop of Canterbury to Tiger Woods.

Archbishop of Canterbury “Sometimes I think this job is impossible.”

Jeffrey Archer “Why is Mary still with me? Good question!”

David Blaine “My chances of survival are getting worse.”

Melvyn Bragg “What future do we have? Labour are in serious trouble.”

Richard Branson “Killing Stephen Hawking would not be a good thing for Virgin to do!”

June Brown “It’s easier to cry on stage than in real life.”

David Cameron “How much am I worth? You do the maths …”

Nick Cave “Well anyway, I spat in your tea.”

Craig Charles “It’s nice to get here and not be dead.”

Nick Clegg “What I did was criminal.”

Jonathan Dimbleby “My father stole Hitler’s cutlery.”

Chris Evans “If we crash now we will die.”

Livingstone Fagan “David Koresh will come again to judge you all.”

David Frost “Did I sell my soul for wine, women and wealth?”

Frank Gardner “I will never forgive the men who did this to me.”

Michael Gambon & Tom Courtenay “I can’t remember my lines.”

Ricky Gervais “No, I’m not wearing a corset!”

Zaha Hadid “I am the eternal outsider.”

Maggi Hambling “We all have war & peace inside us, don’t we?”

Lewis Hamilton “I can win again.”

Maxine Hilson “My life was torn apart in 18 seconds.”

Jools Holland “I apologise to Britain.”

Anthony Horowitz “Idris Elba is too street to play Bond.”

Celia Imrie “Time to embrace my dark side.”

Boris Johnson “Could I have a word please, Boris?”

Wilko Johnson “Man, it makes you feel alive to be told you’re dying.”

Sir Ben Kingsley “There is a dark secret that drives me.”

Chris Langham “I know I’m not going to be forgiven, but can’t I do good?”

Dame Vera Lynn “When they talk about the war, will they remember me?”

Jonathan Miller “The BBC is run by twerps with media studies degrees.”

Gareth Malone “I wish people would stop making so much noise.”

Peter Mandelson “How dare you ask that question? That’s outrageous!”

Cerys Matthews “My marriage is over, I’m coming home.”

Rory McIlroy “It’s only golf …”

Sir Ian McKellen “Stop reading Shakespeare, it can put you off for life.”

Kendo Nagasaki “He really beat you up, didn’t he?”

Jo Nesbo “Yes, I wrote torture porn. I got carried away.”

Cardinal Nichols “Are you saying God does not exist?”

Edna O’Brien “I had to grow old before they would give me credit.”

Sinead O’Connor “I was ready to take my own life.”

Jamie Oliver “The truth about me and the Missus …”

Kevin Pietersen “I’m insecure. Isn’t everybody?”

Gregory Porter “My mother told me on her deathbed to be a singer.”

Gordon & Tilly Ramsay “The kids know the fame is a result of hard work.”

Anne Robinson “I must be worth £50 million …”

Brian Sewell “I’m dying and my friends are stealing from me.”

Ringo Starr “The Beatles were lucky to get me.”

Homer Simpson “My beer! D’oh!”

Earl Spencer “I’ve always had a foot in the real world.”

Lord Sugar “I was selfish and I failed.”

Sandi Toksvig “I never thought we’d see gay marriage in my lifetime.”

Carol Vorderman “I’m quitting TV to fly solo around the world.”

Terry Waite “I’d risk kidnap again to talk to ISIS.”

Katharine Welby “Depression made me feel I could not go on.”

Andrew White “I invited ISIS to dinner. They said they’d chop my head off.”

Rowan Williams “I never wanted the job in the first place.”

Ray Winstone “You and me kid, outside now? Don’t. Be. Daft.”

Sir Terry Wogan “I don’t believe in God, but if the Grim Reaper turns up …”

Tiger Woods “I can’t go on like this any more.”