The Lessons We Can Learn From Dad’s Army

Don’t panic! There is an outside chance the film of Dad’s Army will not be a disaster. Toby Jones is a clever choice to play Captain Mainwaring, Bill Nighy a plausible Sergeant Wilson and the co-creator Jimmy Perry has given his blessing. Well, sold the rights anyway. At the age of 90, who can blame him?They stopped making Dad’s Army in 1977 and it is a period piece. Jonesey’s rants against the Fuzzy-Wuzzies would make Nigel Farage blush, and these days Pike would quickly work out that Sergeant Wilson is his Dad. But there is so much more to the show than all that. Dad’s Army is timeless, that’s why it still makes people laugh and even still moves them. Pay attention, shoulder arms and you can learn a lot from this comedy about the way men are – or rather how we should be – in a crisis. A column for Telegraph Men

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