‘Sex? I’ve fallen off that horse.’ Terence Stamp on love and life

No wonder women fall for Terence Stamp. He’s a handsome devil with impeccable manners and a gleam in his cornflower-blue eyes, even at the age of 79. But the legendary actor, who romanced Brigitte Bardot, Julie Christie and the supermodel Jean Shrimpton (and recently had a wife less than half his age) has to admit he is slowing down as a lover. ‘The fact is I am past my best. I’ve still got wonderful relationships with women but I’m not looking to get s***ged four times a week,’ says Stamp with that gruff, East End-turned-posh drawl of his. How about once a month?

The laugh in response is long and hearty. I’ll take that as a no. ‘My feeling about sex is that I’ve finally been tossed from the saddle of a horse that I’ve been clinging on to for the past 60 years. So it’s a kind of relief really.’ Continue reading “‘Sex? I’ve fallen off that horse.’ Terence Stamp on love and life”

Eddie The Eagle Flies Again

The inside story of how a man who risked his life for a dream – but was seen as a joke – became the subject of an inspiring film.

‘I remember Eddie the Eagle as a bit of a joke,’ says Dexter Fletcher, the actor turned director who admits that at first he didn’t really want to make a film about the hapless British ski jumper’s life.

‘Eddie just wanted to compete in the Olympics, but he grinned and gurned and played up to the cameras and didn’t do himself any favours at all.’

The part-time plasterer from the West Country was a figure of fun as well as a national hero when he insisted on competing at the Winter Games in Calgary in 1988 – despite knowing he would come last, by a long way.

In order to follow his dreams Eddie slept in a cowshed, broke his jaw and ended up scavenging for food in bins, before later losing his wife and his fortune.

Even those who cheered him on as a great British loser thought it was all a bit of a laugh. Others applauded his bravery, but some said he was making a fool of himself, his nation and his sport.

Fletcher changed his mind about Eddie when he saw how terrifying the ski jumps really were, close up.

Now the actor who was in Layer Cake and Hotel Babylon before directing the hit musical Sunshine On Leith has turned Eddie the Eagle’s extraordinary tale of never-say-die daring into an unexpectedly wonderful, inspiring family movie that will make you laugh, gasp and cry.

Eddie The Eagle is already a surprise hit in America, with critics calling it ‘this year’s The Full Monty’.

‘They love that he just does not give in,’ says Fletcher. ‘He jumps, hurts himself, gets up and does it again. They say, “What do you mean, he doesn’t win?”

‘It’s very British in that respect but it’s so inspiring.’

I met the stars and crew of this remarkable new movie for Event, including actors Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton, producer Matthew Vaughn and Take That’s Gary Barlow, who supervised the music for the film, to tell the story of how and why Eddie the Eagle is flying high again – including the secrets of a death-defying tandem ski jump that led to one of the most breathtaking sporting film sequences ever seen.

You can read the full Event cover feature here.


Jeffrey Archer: Cancer surgery has made me impotent

He’s survived prison, penury, a very public affair, political scandal and now an illness that’s robbed him of his virility. So what if he sounds like the villain of a potboiler? He’s sold 270 million of them.

Source: Jeffrey Archer: Cancer surgery has made me impotent | Daily Mail Online

Brian Sewell: ‘I have been facing death for almost a year. I am very lucky to be still alive’ 

He’s our most ferocious art critic, the enemy of ‘detestable’ Damien Hirst and ‘vulgar’ Grayson Perry. But, Brian Sewell says his battle with cancer has exposed his inner softie.

Source: Brian Sewell: ‘I have been facing death for almost a year. I am very lucky to be still alive’ | Daily Mail Online

Jeffrey Archer on his best-selling books, his illness and the mystery of why Lady Mary Archer sticks with him

25663BC900000578-2941439-image-m-21_1423235353380Why on earth is she still with him? That’s what everybody wonders about the brilliant scientist Mary Archer and her lying, cheating ex-jailbird of a husband Jeffrey. But very few dare to ask him to his face. ‘Ha! Nobody asks that who knows us,’ says Lord Archer of Weston-Super-Mare, laughing out loud. ‘That is only said by people who have never met us. But that’s fair enough, there are millions of them!’

We will get to the bottom of this in a wide-ranging and breathtakingly frank interview that covers his love for Mary (‘she is very forgiving’), his vast wealth (‘I haven’t a clue how much I’m worth’), the forthcoming Election (Nigel Farage is a brilliant politician), his literary reputation (‘I’m not sure Ian McEwan can do what I do’) and the life-threatening illness which has now robbed him of his virility. But first my eyes have to adjust to the surroundings …

An interview for Event, the Magazine of the Mail on Sunday. 
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/event/article-2941439/Prostate-cancer-surgery-left-impotent-reveals-Lord-Archer-admission-welcomed-health-campaigners.html#ixzz3SZNmSI8a