Jeffrey Archer on his best-selling books, his illness and the mystery of why Lady Mary Archer sticks with him

25663BC900000578-2941439-image-m-21_1423235353380Why on earth is she still with him? That’s what everybody wonders about the brilliant scientist Mary Archer and her lying, cheating ex-jailbird of a husband Jeffrey. But very few dare to ask him to his face. ‘Ha! Nobody asks that who knows us,’ says Lord Archer of Weston-Super-Mare, laughing out loud. ‘That is only said by people who have never met us. But that’s fair enough, there are millions of them!’

We will get to the bottom of this in a wide-ranging and breathtakingly frank interview that covers his love for Mary (‘she is very forgiving’), his vast wealth (‘I haven’t a clue how much I’m worth’), the forthcoming Election (Nigel Farage is a brilliant politician), his literary reputation (‘I’m not sure Ian McEwan can do what I do’) and the life-threatening illness which has now robbed him of his virility. But first my eyes have to adjust to the surroundings …

An interview for Event, the Magazine of the Mail on Sunday. 
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