Farewell, Famous Seamus Heaney

Here’s an interview from the vault, to mark the passing of the great Seamus Heaney. It is from the Independent in April 1999, but before we get to it, a little story. We met for the first time at the memorial service of a mutual friend, the poet and critic Donald David. After the service,Continue reading “Farewell, Famous Seamus Heaney”

Saying goodbye to Mark Halliday, reading one of his poems

So, the lovely Mark Halliday died. If you knew him and didn’t know that, then I am sorry you found out here. If you didn’t know him, let me tell you he was a wise, smart, dry, funny, gentle, brave, sharp and probing kind of man, a seeker after truth, a husband and father andContinue reading “Saying goodbye to Mark Halliday, reading one of his poems”