What We Need Now Is Outrageous Grace

Can you love and forgive someone who appears to hate you? That is a question many of us are having to answer right now, as explored in this piece for the Independent on Sunday in 2015.

Did Billy Graham break the Church?

Billy Graham came to England in 1954 and again in the Eighties and had a huge impact. He offered a new deal, a contract that was simple to understand and act upon. Believe in Jesus, accept Him as your personal saviour and you will be forgiven, your life will be transformed. The old ways ofContinue reading “Did Billy Graham break the Church?”

Waiting: a thought for Advent

The old book is full of silence. Full of people waiting. Before the earth began, there was silence. Before the birth of Adam and Eve there was only the sound of the animals, of the wind and the birds in the trees. Before Moses could speak, he waited for God. Before the Christ was born,Continue reading “Waiting: a thought for Advent”

I’ve never been more proud to be part of Greenbelt

This weekend at the festival of arts, faith and justice I saw an attempt to act on the audacious gospel notion that all are loved and valued equally in the sight of God, regardless of colour, religion, gender, age, sexuality and physicality. The most dramatic example was the communion. It was truly breathtaking in its ambition andContinue reading “I’ve never been more proud to be part of Greenbelt”

Dancing the sun up at Holywell with Hunters Moon Morris

Years ago my friend Tom Pilston (one of the great news photographers) and I came down to Holywell to see Hunters Moon Morris dance up the sun on May Day. We made a cover story for the Independent on Sunday Review and that experience was also part of what got me thinking about the wayContinue reading “Dancing the sun up at Holywell with Hunters Moon Morris”