Launch Day

I keep thinking there should be a minor royal handy with a champagne bottle to break against my stern. Or is it bow? Anyway, it’s launch day for my short story podcast Can We Talk?

You can hear it on SpotifyAppleAcast and wherever you get your podcasts. I’d love to know what you make of it. The first two episodes are about meeting Scarlett Johansson and Tiger Woods.Click the links to listen. They’re also about our human longing for connection, like the rest of this series of short stories reflecting on encounters with remarkable people. 

Next week is Desmond Tutu and there will be one a week including Nelson Mandela, the Queen and a refugee called Zahra.

Please do listen. I would be hugely grateful if you could rate the podcast, post a review or share it with your friends, because it all helps to spread the word.

Thank you,

PS: The podcast is free. It’s produced by Emily Jeffery with sound design by Andy Dartington and is brought to you by Hodder Faith. Thanks.

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