“Killing Steven Hawking would not be good!” Richard Branson on dyslexia, fidelity & taking his mates to space 

Tough guy to interview, Sir Richard Branson. He’s polite, smiles a lot, gets down to it quickly without any small talk and comes up with snappy answers most of the time, with an ear for a good quote, but you often get the sense it’s just another brief encounter for a man whose life is full of them. Not this time. Strangely, in the midst of a busy promotional day for the reborn Virgin Radio, in a boardroom with Edith Bowman and a bunch of advertisers and sponsors outside, he gave a glimpse of things that really seem to matter to him – including the mystery of how his marriage has held together so long, given his glamorous, jet-setting life. I’ve met him before, on his yacht in Monaco harbour during the Grand Prix five years ago, when he was more relaxed but less interesting. Death and taxes, love and marriage, all the big stuff came up. Plus Brexit (a disaster for Britain) and how dyslexics make the best leaders. So here it is, today’s piece for Event, the magazine of the Mail on Sunday. Let me know what you think. 

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