Thank you Ma’am: a republican writes on why we should all be grateful to Her Majesty

I don’t want a Queen. Hereditary monarchy is unfair, unjust and should have no place in a society that values every citizen equally. She owns all the dolphins in British inshore waters for one thing, and that can’t be right. Want one! But since we have to have a Queen, for now, we should be grateful for the dignity, grace and devotion to duty this one has shown. She is the best example of a wartime generation now almost passed, and has done us all a great favour by sticking around so long. My piece for the Independent on Sunday on the moment this coming Wednesday that Her Maj becomes the longest reigning British monarch of all time.

The very fine illustration is by Andre Carrilho, from the spread in the Independent on Sunday. See, buy and commission his work here. 

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