Why Frank Gardner has a stronger handshake than Arnold Schwarzenegger on Black Friday

Frank Gardner has a stronger handshake than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Neither smells like David Beckham. That is what I can reveal today as three pieces appear in different titles at once, thanks to an accident of timing. Black Friday is a totally spurious American festival of greed for which Britain is going crazy all of a sudden and I have written about it in my new column for the Independent on Sunday today. Should we be gleefully grabbing David Beckham aftershave for a tenner or protesting against the bonfire of the bargains?

Meanwhile, people are paying £2,000 a time to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and other Hollywood legends and Event magazine for the Mail on Sunday carries a reportage from behind the scenes at one of these events. Yes I did shake Arnie’s hand and his grip is strong – but it’s not as strong as that of Frank Gardner, BBC Security Correspondent who was shot six times by terrorists a decade ago and has overcome massive injuries and extreme pain to go on reporting, which he does with great authority. The last of his assailants has just been sentenced to death and he gave me the only in-depth interview about that for the Sunday Telegraph. So now you know.

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