An Important Announcement About GCSEs

I did really badly at GCSE level (let’s be honest, it was O levels). I went to a disastrous school, Sir George Monoux in Walthamstow, which at the time felt like a non-stop riot, and I don’t mean a party. Being any kind of clever was a curse and got you beaten up if you showed it. So I did rubbish, left at 16, went to work and study journalism through the company, later when I could cope with it went and got a degree and started education afresh. I think I did okay, although still grateful just to have work.

I am saying all this because if you are getting your GCSE results today, or your child is doing so, then you need to know – I mean really know, in your bones – that this is not life or death. If it goes badly, well then you pick up and go on to the next thing, and thank God you never have to do them again. I mean, there is a life to be lived and sunlight to be savoured and friends and love and laughter and all that and you must find the thing you love and do that, with a passion. All of which applies if you do well, too. As long as you gave it your best shot, you should be proud.

I’m proud of Jacob Moreton who worked his arse off for these exams, because of his own determination. Whatever he gets, he’s my son and he did his best and he’s cool. So don’t mess, okay?

Good luck today, people.

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