‘If we go into a ditch, we won’t walk out alive’ Chris Evans

‘Shall we take out the Testarossa?’ The offer was hard to refuse. The world’s most expensive Ferrari was away, but Chris Evans did have a white-and-blue 1957 250 GTO to play with. It’s a replica, ‘only’ worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, but it still felt like sitting on a rocket. We eased out onto the Surrey roads, then Evans floored the accelerator with a happy cackle and the rocket took off, roaring past a family saloon, down a long straight and then into the next bend on a racing line.

‘If you go into a ditch on these roads you’re probably not going to walk away, to be honest,’ said Evans. ‘I did this with (a famous comedian who had better remain nameless) the other day and he was screaming, “Don’t kill me!”’ It wasn’t hard to see why …

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Published by Cole Moreton

Award-winning interviewer, writer and broadcaster.