‘Yes, I have a young girlfriend. It seems perfectly natural to me’ Bryan Ferry

‘Well, I have a young girlfriend, yes,’ says Bryan Ferry. ‘I know it’s against the law.’ Not quite – she is a grown-up – but the age difference between them is a hefty 36 years. ‘I don’t like to talk about it. It just seems perfectly natural to me.’

Suave, elegant, composed: these are words that people use about Bryan Ferry, lead singer of Roxy Music and one of the great rock stars. The Coolest Living Englishman, as he has been called, looks chic in his tight black cords, expensive sweater and pale-blue shirt with a loose black knitted tie – but he’s not actually cool at all about this line of questioning. He’s squirming in his chair, pushing a hand through that long, floppy fringe. Why so reticent? Wouldn’t most single men of his age be very happy to have a girlfriend of 28? ‘Yeah, I suppose so. I am very fortunate. The interesting thing is – and I don’t want to say the wrong thing in case I get into trouble with my girlfriend – you never really meet people your own age who aren’t married. Unless they’re divorcees knocking about, that sort of thing.’ Read more here

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