The intimate truth about Nick and Dave

I’ve been able to sit down with both Nick Clegg and David Cameron in the last year and ask awkward questions. They told me some fascinating things about themselves and their personal lives. What do you think Dave said when I asked if he had ever had an affair? What do you think he said he would go to war over? What justification does he have for claiming a second home on expenses, given his vast wealth? And what was Nick doing, wearing a dress? Why did he say “I was appalling, I was criminal …” One of them offered coffee but didn’t deliver on his promise. The other offered coffee and delivered. Which was which, do you think? Have a look at this interview with Cleggy and this interview with Dave and decide for yourself. By the way, one of them also saw his own picture and said, “You’re not using that, I look like a total moonface.” Slightly easier to guess, perhaps … There’s also an analysis of the Cameron article here from Peter Hitchens, should you wish to have a look.

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