Jamie Oliver gets confessional

“I don’t know mate,” said Jamie Oliver when I interviewed him the other day. “I’m not sure I’d want to be married to me. But Jools made that decision. It’s a challenge.” He was off to America again; she was at home with their three daughters. “My wife’s a real homey. The thing is, I grew up in a pub and one of my biggest passions in life is people. I love people. My best friends as a kid were a mixture of cockneys, gypsies and country bumpkins. So me and Jools are quite different like that.” It’s a pretty frank interview, in which Jamie talks about his home life, his upbringing, his attempts to get us eating properly and his admiration for McDonalds. Yes, really. There are also some great pictures like this one by Ian Derry. See it all here.

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