Do You Want To Play With My Dalek?

Adults have a deep need to play, but it’s difficult. Go into the forest to play soldiers like you used to and you’ll get arrested (or charged £150 by a paint-balling company). Parents can get down on the floor and make alien noises, under cover of “joining in”, but it’s not the same. If I had a proper, life-sized Dalek I could send the family off to the park and play, unrestrained. Yes, that sounds sad and inappropriate, but that’s the whole point, don’t you see? A piece for The Guardian

Published by Cole Moreton

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One thought on “Do You Want To Play With My Dalek?

  1. We were going to do a live linkup to the auction at 2pm and buy stuff on air. But the, er, loaded person who was going to have to pay for the stuff realised he didn’t want to risk actually getting any of it. Can’t blame him really.

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