'He dazzles' says Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

“How to describe this eccentric, mistifying and gripping book?” asks Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in The Independent, before going on to give the book a wonderful review. You can read the article in full here but in the meantime, a few choice lines:

“A sprite takes you by the hand and leads you through the streets (and roads and lanes) of England, shows you things, tells you things, some unsettling, many astonishing and a number plain shocking. Only Moreton is no sprite. He is an amiable Englishman, warm like the beer they say such men like to drink, yet also sharp, intelligent, observant, sensitive and what we now call emotionally literate.”

“You stay with Moreton because you can’t bear to jump off. He dazzles, has verve, holds your eye; this charismatic, hypnotic celebrant.’

“This exuberant and assured book posits the central dilemmas of our times.”

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