Where do we look for heroes today?

Where do we look for heroes, today of all days? Not at the war memorial. They have almost all gone away. There used to be soldiers, sailors, airmen, Waafs and Wrens everywhere, even if they were mostly invisible. The elderly gent shuffling home from the supermarket with a budget meal for one, a survivor ofContinue reading “Where do we look for heroes today?”

How To Stop The BNP By Morris Dancing

You can’t get more English than a bunch of middle-aged bearded men with bells on their ankles, waving hankies and prancing like their piles are on fire, can you? The way to stop the BNP kidnapping notions of Englishness is by celebrating the new England. The riotous, bawdy, multi-ethnic Englishness evolving before our eyes. A piece forContinue reading “How To Stop The BNP By Morris Dancing”

Embrace Your Inner Eccentric

May madness matters. It’s a festival of British eccentricity — from dancers at dawn on the Cerne Abbas giant to maypole plaiting in Gawthorpe. The sinister ’Obby ’Oss has already cavorted through Padstow, but huge crowds will watch the Jack-in-the-Green do the same in Hastings this morning. It is easy to dismiss these things asContinue reading “Embrace Your Inner Eccentric”

The Cost Of The Bloody Sunday Inquiry

On a shelf in a glass case, in a room in the Bogside area of Derry, there is a yellowing cotton Babygro covered in brown blotches. The stains were made by the blood of Michael Kelly, a 17-year-old boy who was shot dead in the street just outside. “We carried him into a house,” recalls hisContinue reading “The Cost Of The Bloody Sunday Inquiry”

St George was Johnny Foreigner – so he’s the perfect saint for the English

What has a bloke on a horse with a ruddy big lance got to do with modern England? Isn’t that crusader suit a bit inappropriate these days? And aren’t fire-breathing dragons an endangered species? The story of Saint George and the dragon has long seemed like a barmy old myth, way out of kilter withContinue reading “St George was Johnny Foreigner – so he’s the perfect saint for the English”