Shooting Video Diaries On iPhone

Sometimes the story or the circumstances dictate that the best way to film is on your own with an iPhone. Here are some examples of that

Spending the night in the spooky Thomas More cell at the Tower of London

On patrol with the chaplains at Beachy Head

Yes or no? Looking for the answer as Scotland prepares to vote

Excuse Me, Is That The Wing Falling Off?

Passengers onboard a flight from London to Florence were left terrified after a six-foot section of the the wing collapsed as the aircraft took off. Cole Moreton was onboard and filmed exclusive footage, making headlines and gaining hundreds of thousands of shares around the world.

Standing Where Freddie Mercury Sang For The Last Time

Cole Moreton gains exclusive access to the studio used by Queen. Self-shot on iPhone.

‘The Almighty losing his grip’ on Today

Good Friday morning at the Today studio. John Humphrys has just finished wrestling with rail union boss Bob Crow, the Bishop of London is looking stately in the Green Room and Jim Naughtie says: “With me now is Cole Moreton, author of ‘Is God Still An Englishman?’ Oh blimey, here we go … you can hear how it turned out by clicking here.