The Light Keeper

Welcome to this secret, Greenbelt-only page containing an exclusive look at The Light Keeper, the next book by Cole Moreton. Sometimes love takes you to the edge. Scroll down to watch the trailer, read the short opening chapter and sign up for more, before anyone else gets to see it. Happy Christmas!



The edge of the cliff is close now, she can feel the drop but dare not look down. Her eyes fix on a shimmering, far out to sea. Fingers of light reaching down through the clouds to stir the waters, like a scene from one of the stories her father used to tell when she was still a girl and still believed in miracles. The dazzling light makes her eyes go funny, but even when she closes them it is still there, burning. She feels sick, dizzy. Her feet will not move, they will not walk. Her legs shake. Her arms ache, wide open like wings to fly, or to plead for mercy. The wind comes from behind, lifting her arms. As if to carry her away …



Music by The Pilgrim Mothers, the band started by Cole Moreton and Greenbelt sound man Bruce Pont and now featuring GB compere David Perry and regular Kate Sutcliffe. You should find the track in your Greenbelt Christmas stocking, so enjoy! Find us on Spotify, iTunes and CDBaby too or

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