'Required reading' says the Sindie

The Independent on Sunday says: “Moreton’s persuasive portrayal of what [our faith] – and we – evolved into should be required reading for every English man and woman – whatever their creed or colour.” You don’t have to be English of course, but I’m hardly going to argue with someone who also says: “The Cole Moreton revealedContinue reading “'Required reading' says the Sindie”

'Absorbing and witty' says The Observer

Peter Stanford has been very nice about ‘Is God Still An Englishman?’ in The Observer. Here’s some of the review: “The tension between believing and belonging provides the structure for Cole Moreton’s lyrical, almost elegiac taking of the nation’s spiritual temperature. I say almost elegiac because, having charted the decline of organised Christianity and the loss ofContinue reading “'Absorbing and witty' says The Observer”

‘Hugely readable and thought-provoking’

“He dazzles,” says Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in The Independent. “You stay with Moreton because you can’t bear to jump off.” “This exuberant and assured book posits the central dilemmas of our times.” There are warm words too in The Observer, The Independent on Sunday and The Tablet. The Bookseller previews the book with those by Peter HitchensContinue reading “‘Hugely readable and thought-provoking’”

'He dazzles' says Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

“How to describe this eccentric, mistifying and gripping book?” asks Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in The Independent, before going on to give the book a wonderful review. You can read the article in full here but in the meantime, a few choice lines: “A sprite takes you by the hand and leads you through the streets (andContinue reading “'He dazzles' says Yasmin Alibhai-Brown”

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