Searching for Home

This is the introduction from Searching for Home, a new book of reflections and study notes for Advent which explores the experiences of modern day refugees alongside those of Mary, Joseph and their baby as they were forced to run in the night from soldiers who were coming to kill. It’s published by SPCK asContinue reading “Searching for Home”


Walking the dog I came across the grave of a young man who had survived all the way through the Great War, only to suffer an absurdly tragic fate on Armistice Day, even as the rest of the world was celebrating the end of the killing and the arrival of peace. Here is his story.

Everything is Extraordinary

Is it though, really? And what does that even mean? I’m not going to lie, it feels really strange to be writing under this title at a time when so much is falling apart. The news from Israel and Palestine is horrifying, the war continues in Ukraine, the government of my own country remains hostileContinue reading “Everything is Extraordinary”

Love Wins: a story for anyone who is running a marathon (or feels like they are)

This morning’s Pause For Thought on the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show for BBC Radio 2, because April can be a struggle for all sorts of reasons and the London Marathon is happening this weekend. Listen here. I tried to run a 10k race once, but when the starting gun fired everyone else disappeared into theContinue reading “Love Wins: a story for anyone who is running a marathon (or feels like they are)”

Crossing The Channel

I met several teenagers who had crossed the #Channel on #smallboats, listened to their stories and told one of them, which reminded me of an ancient tale, in this podcast. They are us. We are them. Are you listening Rishi? I wish you were.

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