Wrestling Kendo Nagasaki

“He won’t talk to anyone, he never has,” said the manager of British wrestling superstar Kendo Nagasaki when I requested an interview. So I asked if I could get into the ring with him instead. “Are you sure?” The manager was surprised and I was seriously spooked when Kendo turned up in full mask and regalia, with good reason. He took me apart. It still hurts.

Amar’s Story

I was so moved to turn on the television and see Panorama telling the story of a little boy who was badly burned by napalm in Iraq many years ago, reunited with his long-lost mother at last, having grown into a man. That boy was the subject of the first piece I ever wrote for a national newspaper, back in 1993.

Saying goodbye to Bartley Gorman, bareknuckle boxing champion of the world

The new heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is said to be related to a legendary figure called Bartley Gorman who was for decades the bare-knuckle champion of the world. I was at Gorman’s funeral in 2002, a day that lives long in the memory. This is what I wrote at the time.

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