I need a woman, in her 80s, who sounds half Cockney & half like the Queen. Can you help?

veranow_2871536dI need a woman. A specific kind of woman, probably in her Eighties or even Nineties, born and raised in the East End of London, brought up in wartime or just after, listening to the wireless every day. She’ll have a particular kind of accent, one that belongs to that generation who were in that place – so she’ll sound half like a Cockney and half like the Queen Mum. Vera Lynn has it, Dot Cotton has it, do you know anyone else?

If you do, or a place where I might meet such a person, or if you can introduce us, I would very much like to meet her and perhaps interview her for a radio programme I am making. If she still lives in the East End, that would be tremendous – but it’s not essential. And although I have focussed on a woman, and a woman is my chief need, a man would also be welcome. Can you help? If so, please message me or email colemoreton@gmail.com. Thank you.

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