What I Am Doing At The Greenbelt Festival – And Why You Should Be There Too

So here we go, time for the Greenbelt Festival again. If you haven’t been then you should put that right some time, and if you have then you probably known it as a home, a place where arts, faith, justice & friends collide.

This year I am hosting The Daily Mirror, reflecting (geddit) on issues arising from the day’s news with some of the best and liveliest thinkers and doers at the festival. Including you. Panellists will include Brian McLaren, Bobby Baker, Linda Woodhead and Sara Miles and performers will include Grace Petrie and Martyn Joseph. If you don’t know them then Google, because they are all worth knowing. Some of the most inspirational people I know will be there. Come and speak your mind.

I will also be reading from a new book that Martin Wroe is publishing, with contributions from myself and several others including the last poem written by the late and lovely Mark Halliday. That is on Friday at 7pm. Book and event are both called Lyrical.

Then I will also be doing a short talk for Greenbelt TV, which will be filmed and available online, called How To Read The News.

There are many other brilliant things at GB14 including Sinead O’Connor, Luke Sital Singh and the best band in Britain at the moment, Dizraeli & The Small Gods. So if you can’t come it’s a shame, but maybe next time eh? If you can, then see you there and let love rule.

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