On You Go Son

There was a beautiful, touching moment in the FA Cup final that got lost in all the silly nonsense about Arsenal. It was about men and boys, fathers and sons, and not just football. Alex Bruce, the Hull City defender, had given his all for an hour. Sometimes he seemed to be holding Arsenal at bay single-handedly, as his colleagues fired Hull into a delirious, hilarious 2-0 lead. Then he hurt himself. He had to come off. The game was up for him – and for Hull too as it would turn out. He limped off to applause, heading towards his manager Steve Bruce, who is also his father. The big man, far bigger and redder in the face than in his own playing days, looked as if he wanted to run towards his boy and throw his arms around him, tell him not to worry, it was all going to be okay and he was proud of him, so proud. Any father would want to do the same. But he couldn’t. He was the Boss. A column for Telegraph Men

Published by Cole Moreton

Award-winning interviewer, writer and broadcaster.

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