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Cole Moreton has covered many big breaking news stories, from war and crime to sport and royal affairs. Recent examples include HS2, Wonga, the funeral of Stephen Sutton and extensive reporting of the floods. Others are listed here.

War: 9/11 minute by minute. The death of a soldier. Reliving the Falklands.

Crime: The disappearances of Milly Dowler, Shannon Matthews and Madeleine McCann and April Jones. The Ipswich murders.

Sport: The Olympics. The Paralympics. The Godolphin scandal.

Royalty: The royal wedding. The succession. The next coronation.

Countryside: Fox hunting. Hare coursing. Farmers in crisis. Milk protests. Culling badgers.

Eye Witness Clash of the Oligarchs, wrestling Kendo Nagasaki and Bartley Gorman, bare knuckle champion of the world.

Published by Cole Moreton

Award-winning interviewer, writer and broadcaster.

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