‘I’m a bit star-struck by The Doctor myself’ Matt Smith

Oh, I was hopelessly, fanboyishly excited about this one. The Doctor! It wasn’t about meeting Matt Smith, the latest and youngest actor to play the Time Lord … it was the potency of the character, a hero since childhood. Took me right back to meeting Tom Baker at a carnival as a boy, and giving him my cap gun. Smith knew exactly what I meant. “I’m a bit star-struck by The Doctor myself,” he said when we met at an office in Soho. “I mean, if only he was real …” Smith was wearing a woolly hat in the summer, a Pink Floyd t-shirt and a crumpled denim shirt. He was also eating an egg bagel, messily. But then he took a sip of tea, paused and said, “Ah. That’s better. Makes the morning more … plausible.” And I knew I was in the presence of The Doctor. So, obviously, we talked about sex … Read the rest here.

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