Did you think 'The Hour' was gorgeous television or deadly slow? Here's a piece about meeting Dominic West and Ben Whishaw on set

from the outside, Hornsey Town Hall looks grim and abandoned. But if you press the right buzzer and step through a side door, you walk straight into 1956 – and onto the set of a stylish new television drama that’s already being hailed as the British answer to Mad Men. ‘Silence,’ says a female voice, and men in suits with slicked-back hair come striding down the corridor, on cue.

The actress Romola Garai steps out from behind a filing cabinet, looking immaculate. She collides with Dominic West, who used to be a star of The Wire but is unrecognisable in high-waisted trousers and braces. ‘I love you,’ says West, in the clipped tones of a Fifties newsreader, which is what he is today. She laughs. ‘What does that mean?’ And the invisible voice says, ‘Cut. Wrap.’

This is a piece I wrote for Live magazine after visiting the set, back in early Spring. You can read the rest here:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/moslive/article-1393522/Mad-Men-UK-Exclusive-preview-BBCs-6m-ride-1956-Dominic-West.html#ixzz1SdUM4NKt

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