‘I apologise to Britain’ Jools Holland

Photo Ian Derry

Jools Holland broke one of the great taboos in 1986, by telling the viewers – live at tea-time – to tune in or be ‘ungroovy fuckers’. There was uproar and he was suspended. Times change. A few years ago a poll of broadcasters named it among the 50 Most Gripping Moments In British Television History. You might expect Holland to be proud of that, but he is not. ‘I would just like to apologise to Britain,’ he says, not joking. ‘Mary Whitehouse wrote to me, saying, “If you do this, standards will drop.” I wrote back saying: “I absolutely agree with you. It was an inadvertent slip of the tongue on my part but actually, you’ve got a point.” She was quite right. It has all gone downhill.’ Read the rest of the interview here


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